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Disquiet days

A narrative has gradually built up over the course of both time and the various trips Bruno Boudjelal has made to Algeria, spread out over a period between 1997 and 2002, combining narration and documentation; a narrative using images which attempts to approach a highly complex situation. And the more complex this situation actually is, the more interesting the diffraction of the points of view becomes. From a trip taken in an attempt to find his father’s family in the Sétif region, through to Bentalha, the site of a massacre during which 400 people died in a single night, this brave approach shows us all the authenticity of a life story. So the autobiographical element is mixed in with the writing of a photographic diary, a kind of log book in which the photographer records his thoughts and feelings at the time; and also with a process of documenting the living conditions of the Algerians (the condition of women, the position of young people, what life is actually like in urban and rural areas, etc.) he met over there during the days he spent wandering about, on a quest for the truth.

The exhibition consists of four parts, which can be shown separately:

1/ a slideshow

2/ Algeria from east to west: a series of 50 colour prints measuring 30 x 45 cm (total dimensions: 450 x 150 cm)

3/ Bentalha, the site of a massacre: a line of 13 prints measuring 30 x 45 cm (total dimensions 520 x 30 cm)

4/ Trips to Sétif: a series of 44 prints spread out in 4 lines of 11 photographs measuring 30 x 40 cm (total dimensions: 560 x 120 cm).

All of the prints are framed and packaged into 3 crates.

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