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Vu' by Robert Delpire

VU’ was founded in Paris in 1986 and, right from the start,it defined itself as a “photographers’ agency”, rather than a photographic agency, thus emphasising the specific identities of which it is made up. It is named after the famous 1920s magazine which revolutionised the concept of illustration, which is certainly an ambitious link to the past. After being formed at the daily newspaper Libération, it gradually established a fresh look at things and emphasises the commitment of its authors’ intelligence and creativity.

Discovering, fostering, disseminating but also exhibiting... the VU’ team have turned a shared adventure into a laboratory for constant discussion of the developments in photography and its place in the world of images. It has a social, documentary and visual base and it is important both to decipher the polysemous dimension of the contemporary creative arts and to ask questions about how it is treated by the media. From the very latest events through to long-term investigations, from the formal piece of work to the intimist narrative, for 20 years photographers from VU’ have been building up a plural, shifting panorama of photography.

The exhibition is a selection of photographs offered by Robert Delpire to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Agence VU’.

This exhibition consists of 193 prints laminated on Aluminium.

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