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Fiore del Mio Pericolo (Pianissimo, Parte Seconda)

The days of work with dancer and choreographer Virgilio Sieni and the children have been inspired, unconsciously, by the idea of “trace”.

The dance – as Virgilio says – the movement through which we escape daily life - a series of superfluous movements, which don’t follow a “utility” but translate an inner feeling. We visited many places and at the end the place was one, the inner one.

It has been a pleasure to work with Virgilio and the children. There has never been a choreography nor a script. There have been suggestions, ideas, reactions. There have been giggles and questions. Then we would all go behind the camera and watch the children react freely to what was around them.

Something happened and I tried to gather some traces, that I here leave you, of the exquisite dance of those four fairies.

The exhibition consists of 20 prints, underneath passe-partout in 30 x 40 cm format.

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