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Agnès Propeck - Photographs

From her former position as an art director, Agnes Propeck has kept a great knowledge of art history. She has a deepened sense of graphic design, of layouts she adaptes to her staged photographs. Her sober small prints made with meticulous care belong to the world of dreamy children picture books. The weird story of these ordinary objects that transcend reality, the tales drawn accurately by Agnes Propeck, refer us to Lewis Carroll, who would have smoothly participated in the surrealist games, without let it show. No provocation in these photographs, rather a kind of a discreet jubilation to play the nonsense things, to dream of a strange world made of real and fictional, constructed from unlikely encounters and absurd juxtapositions. Agnès de Gouvion Saint Cyr

The exhibition consists of framed prints (thirty 22X26,5 cm, eight 44X53 cm, three 90X114 cm) and 2 huge canvasses of 140X182 cm

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