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This series was made during the academic year 2008/2009, while I was staying at Chalets de Toulouse secondary school. Like in older series, such as “Les hommes du chantier” (“construction site men”) or “Les sportifs” (“sportsmen”), I use the multiple-image to explore temporality. Each schoolboy or schoolgirl was photographed at five different moments, equally spread during the school year, at home, in his or her room. Inseparable by nature, the portraits are presented jointly and chronologically.
The exhibition is composed by 7 series of 5 photos. Each series corresponds to the evolution of an adolescent during a school year. It is presented in the form of 7 panels of 5 photos each (150 cm).

35 framed prints / 7 series of 150 cm.
Size 35 x 45 cm packaged in two cases

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