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What colour for the Marais?

As a highly humid zone of exceptional interest (the second one in France) and as an inhabited productive territory, the Marais poitevin focalises many contradictory interests. Between nature and economy, what is the threshold not to pass in order not to put in jeopardy this territory?

The threat of environment degradation, of economical loss, hydraulic management disruption, etc. are fundamental issues that are necessary to control. The balance is guaranteed exclusively by a global strategy of sustainable development and of exemplary protection.
However, the government is still blocking the 2002 project, which consists in classifying the region as a Natural Parc.

Between 2008 and 2009, Claude Pauquet was living in the Marais poitevin, invited by the Parc. He has chosen “What colour for the Marais?” to be the title of his work in relation to the colour of his photographs, which retain the natural colour and do not give to the landscapes a “postcard colour”.

The main concern of the photographer was how to address this topic, this landscape born from the sea, by surpassing the tourist imagery of the “Green Venice”; how should he penetrate this territory, what itineraries should he choose or how should he proceed? Some portraits of his encounters follow the landscapes.

40 prints pigmentary ink-jet on Rag 308 grs., 60x75cm in white wooden frames 80x95cm.

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