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The others (Maaloula)

This work takes place in a small village in Syria, in the north of Damascus.
For his two first trips there, the author began by a documentary approach and by an attempt to describe a complex reality. On his third trip, he gave a new interpretation of the reality he had lived, in color this time, looking in villages for images that would be proofs of the imaginary tale.
The inhabitants of Maaloula, mainly christians but also muslims are among the last speakers of the language that is supposed to be Christ's one. They call themselves Arameans.
Whereas war and religious confrontations are fierce in this area, Maaloula maintains a peaceful coexistence between christians and muslims, everyone paying attention so the ancient bond doesn't break.
As much as persistence and the role of the language, during his three trips, the author wonders about the effort made by the two communities in a village with no manifest collision on the heights of which reins a resin Virgin. He also questions his own representation. During his three trips, from spring to winter, during quiet times or during a lively event, he meets the inhabitants and looses himself in the alleys, until sliding into fiction and a usage of color.

The exhibition consists in 11 photographies of 70x70 cm and 4 photographies of 70x105 cm monted on dibond.

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