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We are living in a time of opening, of broadening horizons. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans have been able to uproot themselves from their familiar surroundings, in order to go live, work and study elsewhere. Pushed by necessity, but also driven by curiosity, they come to understand other ways of living and thinking. They renegotiate their primary identities ; they form and transform themselves. Nearly twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, four years after the enlargement of May 2004, these transformations have acquired dimensions the full extent of which we haven’t yet been able to measure. It is by traipsing acrosss six European cities – Timisoara, Turin, Lodz, Dubli, Malmö and Belgrade – that the researchers of Notre Europe and the six photographers of Agence VU’ have sought to comprehend what is at stake in these upheavals. The photographs and words that they brought back help us to understand better how Europe is being made, day by day, at th escale of people’s everyday lives. Gilles Favier, Cédric Gerbehaye, Rip Hopkins, Martin Kollar, Peter Ten Hoopen.

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