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Los Angeles Fragments

After five years in Los Angeles, I still have troubles decyphering it. An absolute symbole of the American dream, this city of nowhere attracks a population hungry for success like a magnet.
Los Angeles doesn’t hold up by the myth it nurses, the more one approaches it, the more it fades like a mirage: beautiful from far, but closer by, nothing more than plywood.
I have therefor chosen to use a pinhole camera to keep a distance with reality. A default of neatnes to keep in tact the myth that I had been looking for. I take the fragments of this city I looked at so much through the Films Noirs and I tried to create an ‘Asphalt Jungle’ or a ‘Big Sleep’ which doesn’t exist anymore.
The goldplated Van Dyke prints are in line with this quest for the myth. The colours that are obtained through this process, the particular grain of the paper, they reinforce this idea. Also, it is my way of resisting this digital flood of imagery. Each image is a unique piece due to the volatility of this old process.

This exhibition is composed of 20 contact images on aquarelle paper 11 by 14, image size 8 by 10.

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