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The former French trading posts in India

In order to bring us back these photos of India, Guillaume Zuili voluptuously immersed himself in the very special, secretly nostalgic atmosphere, given off by these former colonial towns; given back to a people who, after the western frenzy, have given it this nonchalant rhythm, this way of living in time without seeking to control it but instead becoming one with it, filling it out with their weight and allowing themselves to be rocked.
His square formats, conscientiously composed, extract fragments from this impalpable reality: anodyne street scenes which still contain the essence of these Indian towns, in the same way that we say a perfume encloses an aroma. These images do not offer a route to another place which is inaccessible, because Guillaume Zuili has managed to capture this other place: it is there, in concentrated form, locked into his photographs. It is up to us to allow our eyes to penetrate these images in order to trigger their deployment when they come into contact with our imaginations and spread the special atmosphere of these tropical regions: the mugginess after a monsoon storm, the humid heat which brings about a delicious drowsiness in both people and things.
Thanks to the poetic abstraction of a velvety black and white, Guillaume Zuili genuinely succeeds in transporting us by composing sensations, moments and tonalities, as we say in music.

The exhibition consists of 84 black and white baryte prints, under passe-partout and framed: 50 x 60 cm (80) - 100 x 100 cm (4).

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