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The Catholics in China

Next to the spectacular violations of human rights that regularly excite our media, men live daily with the ban on expressing themselves.
Far from the furious and loud news photography, Yang Yankang joined these men and women during several years. With stubbornness and patience, he told this reality of which one does not speak, just to say that it exists. His documentary work takes the time to tell the ordinary lives of these people, to explain their day to day fight, muted but stubborn, to live their faith despite the threats and repressions.
His photos offer neat frames, perfectly balanced compositions, a lavish use of depth. But beyond this classic fomality, a feeling of necessity imposes itself in each photograph. Without doubt it is this simplicity of sight that plays with the ordinary, with the mischievousness of children, but that one does is profoundly touched by these men who live their faith underground with both ardour and strength. This work is a unique testimony, living with the modest confession of having converted to catholicism, in which each image finds its strength and proof and therefor its explication.

This exhibition consists of 48 Black&White prints under passe-partout, measuring 50 by 60 cm each.

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