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At first glance, and if we look at them one by one, Michel vanden Eeckhoudt’s photographs cause surprise or even incredulity, and cannot fail to raise a smile or even a great roar of laughter. It has to be said that seeing unusual formal correspondences, totally unexpected meetings between familiar elements or figures, but which appear to have left our ordinary world behind for a joyous everyday surrealism in the frames which have been cut with a scalpel and in pure compositions without ostentation, we can hardly help wondering about the relevance of our perception of the world. And we can hardly help deducing that we do not see things properly, even when we do look. Michel vanden Eeckhoudt’s vision is mischievous and ironic and, the way we see it, full of elation. On the one hand there are human beings engaged in strange activities, locked into reflections of which they are totally unaware and who have no idea at all of the trivial nature – or even absurdity – of their situations. All of this is looked at and shaped without any intention to caricaturise, just with a wry smile. On the other hand there are animals, in turn amusing, with painful expressions or in absolutely ridiculous situations, in some of which they are in the company of human beings. When you put the two together, your smile gives way to a kind of despondency in the face of so much unawareness. A calm desolation which it would be better to treat with a slightly nervous
smile than with an overwhelming observation.

The exhibition consists of: 72 framed black and white prints, format: 60 x 80 cm

- 12 framed black and white prints, format: 100 x 150 cm.

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