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Sponte Sua

Serge Picard’s portraits quiver with a life all of their own. Indeed, they reflect the full ambiguity of the genre: the “movement” which is characteristic of them reincorporates all the presence of the subject who has been photographed. It disrupts the relative peace which this non-aggressive one- on-one still exudes, although it is just a tiny bit mistrustful. The confusion emanating from it could be an evasion, a flight by the subject. It may also be the uncertainty all photographers feel about their ability to capture evasive reality.
So the portrait could be an attempt at seizing a subject who is constantly on the move, even if he or she is fully willing, because the life in us knows no rest, we are constantly changing from one minute to the next. Is the vocation of photography not precisely to fix the ephemeral in time? Although photos only ever show things that are no more, that have happened, Serge Picard’s portraits even fix the transition, which is imperceptible even to ourselves, from ourselves to another ourselves, what we were and what we are leaving behind, forever.
Nathalie Luyer

The exhibition consists of 18 black and white framed prints: 40 x 60 cm (15) – 60 x 80 (3).

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