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From Keziah Jones to Jacques Derrida by way of Bryan Ferry or Lou Doillon, this exhibition shows one- on-one shots with figures from music, literature and the other arts.
Serge Picard takes special care, in colour and in square format, over the light and the dialogue between his model and his or her background, exploring the possibilities and limits of photography, with portraits whose characteristic feature is a saturation of shades and the total absence of anything anecdotal in the confrontation.
Through his understanding of space and time, the photographer creates images which are strangely impossible to date and mysterious.

The exhibition consists of 42 framed prints:
- 55 x 55 cm (33) - 55 x 65 cm (4) - 109 x 109 cm (4) - 132 x 166 cm (1). L’ensemble est conditionné dans 10 caisses : - 58 x 58 x 30 cm (5) - 58 x 68 x 30 cm (1) - 60 x 77 x 10 cm (1) - 120 x 120 x 10 cm (2) - 140 x 180 x 10 cm (1).

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