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On the edges of the world

Through his meticulous compositions, the stability of the space harmoniously distributed around a horizon which knows its golden section and its classical rules of composition, Serge Picard takes us into another time dimension. Another perception and another - almost physical– sensation of an abnormal temporality.
We are whisked away on an infinite journey which asks us first and foremost not to move and to take the time, to get us more ready for our departure. Here, taking the time to look might be a good definition of photography. The paradox means that, because of the system which remembers the earliest moments of photography and because of the extension of the space covered, here the tiny amount of time required to take the shot returns us to a time which has never been limited, and which is impossible to date.

The exhibition consists of 43 black and white prints including 40 framed, format: 85 x 100 cm and 3 laminated on aluminium, format 127 x 150 cm. The whole exhibition is packaged in wooden crates.

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