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To the last path, Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is reborn once again and the walls of the celestial city are slowly rising from the earth. The golden door, through which the Messiah will walk to announce the end of time, is closed. So you will live in the world again. In the angle made by the wall in front of me, I can see the prow of a great ship sailing through time. Through the ruins on the sides of the Temple Mount, I get ready to walk towards the mosque with the magic fountains, emptying myself of myself, like a pilgrim or a warrior, I return to beat in the heart of the world.
Jerusalem”. David Sauveur
At the same time as a process which is firmly committed to the photo-journalism of war, here David Sauveur offers us an unexpected poetic vision of Jerusalem. Using a Polaroid and finely working the delicately velvety, faded depiction of the colours, he offers a variety of timeless everyday scenes. In this way he breaks free of our image of this city – which it does actually nurture because these two views are not one true and the other false; they are both part of a complex reality. The history of this city seeps into each of these images and inevitably fills them with a silent gravity. Even so, David Sauveur simultaneously manages to give them both a charming lightness and the beauty of his photographs.

The exhibition consists of 59 colour prints, format: 40 x 50 cm, under passe-partout.

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