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In 2003, David Sauveur travelled to the former Yugoslavia where a conflict of the kind Europe had not seen for half a century had broken out ten years earlier. Yugoslavia, which had been united for a few decades under Tito, splintered, torn apart by nationalism. What has happened to those places whose names we used to hear so often in the news: Vukokar, Mostar, Gorazde, Srebrenica, etc.?
And is it really all over? Looking beyond the usual post- war problems, there is still a border, which is more or less visible and which people do not cross. Fear still lives on here, the weight of memory and the disappeared, the desire for revenge, or the unslaked thirst for conquest. It is still the future of Europe and that of the international community, shaken by the events of these last few years, which is at stake in the Balkans. Can the war be contained?
David Sauveur worked with a Polaroid, using an “amateur” tool to produce these images in reportage form. This search has led to an unusual series of small sensitive squares where time appears to have stood still, where the work of colour produces a subtle feeling of distancing, verging on withdrawal, from the fragility of the world.

The exhibition consists of 31 colour Polaroid prints, format: 33 x 33 cm.

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