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The Chemin des Dames

This exhibition devoted to the memory of the Chemin des Dames takes us on a journey in the footsteps of Yves Gibeau, to all the places he never tired of travelling around, into the memories he collected since he retired to the presbytery of Roucy.
The man Gérard Rondeau followed in his immobile travels was an obsessive, haunted by the din of war.
These photographs conjure up the paradoxical pilgrim and the painful places full of memories which haunted him. They allow us to share both in the man’s private life and in the universality of war.
Gérard Rondeau began working alongside Yves Gibeau in this search in 1981. It was a battle fought on behalf of memory against forgetfulness. After the writer’s death in 1994, he continued this wonderful investigation out of friendship, from the abandoned presbytery to the harsh landscapes of the Chemin des Dames.

The exhibition consists of 108 prints: - 120 x 180 cm (1) - 50 x 60 cm (35) - 24 x 30 cm (72) - 18 x 24 cm (74 assembled). The exhibition can be accompanied by uncut proofs from the book.

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