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Outside the frame

Gérard Rondeau has been photographing life behind the scenes at museums and major exhibitions for more than ten years. Paintings and sculptures rise up wrapped, tied up in ribbons sometimes in positions which are delicate or incongruous and always surprising. Here there is a halo of light, there cut against the light, the essence of the shapes, which fashions masterpieces, is seized in a flash. These photographic moments, which never fall into the trap of being facile and anecdotal, offer us an invigorating view of the museum, a place where an exchange which is so equivocal – tinged with admiration and questions, but also with indifference - is woven in silence between the exhibits and the gazes of the people looking at them.

2 versions of the exhibition are available:

Version 1/ a series of 196 framed prints in various formats: 32 x 32 cm to 120 x 180cm.

Version 2/ a series of 70 framed prints, including: 32 x 32 cm (30) - 50 x 60 cm (40).

There is a book to go with it.

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