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Chronicles of a portrait photographer

Gérard Rondeau has been photographing numerous figures for more than twenty years, usually for the daily newspaper Le Monde: Patricia Highsmith and Max Bill in Switzerland, Franck Stella, Keith Haring, Louise Bourgeois and Roy Lichtenstein in New York, Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona, Baselitz in his country house in Germany and Paul Rebeyrolle in his workshop in Burgundy, Nathalie Sarraute, Jacques Derrida, Samuel Fuller, André Dhôtel and Albert Cossery at home, in Paris, Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles in Tangiers, etc.
Rondeau uses this series of encounters to offer a journey to the land of culture. His posed portraits are soaked in light and within the fields of both intimacy and interiority.
“Rondeau uses a conception of the portrait which is similar to that of Manet and Cézanne. Manet and Cézanne’s faces are not the explicit masks of a feeling or social status. They raise numerous suggestions, which are as contradictory and changeable as each individual...
The same goes for Rondeau’s portraits: it is about the interval between two definable attitudes and thus gives each of the people he photographs their depths and enigmas”.
Philippe Dagen

Two versions of the exhibition are available:

Version 1/ 120 framed prints in various formats:

35 x 35 cm to 146 x 146 cm.

Version 2/ 60 framed prints, format: 53 x 63 cm.

There is a catalogue accompanying the exhibition.

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