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Basque Country

In 1990, Anne Rearick left the East Coast of the United States to spend a year photographing everyday life in Iparralde, the French Basque Country.
While she was there she managed to capture moments of purity and authenticity, as though they were in suspended animation. Here time seems to have stood still; the images underline the distance from the upheaval of modern life, the hurly-burly of the city. And they express a kind of fullness; the fullness of an existence which follows the rhythm of nature, rooted in the earth.
When practiced with such tenderness and such sincerity, photography has something deeply moving about it, which tells us both that “this happened” and that the image brings it back to us forever. In a region which has managed to preserve its own culture better than so many others, this photographic approach, well-served by settings without artifice and subtle vibrations of the light, is amazingly right.
There is nothing spectacular, just love for a land and its people she stumbled across one day, so far from America, with the deep respect they deserve.

The exhibition consists of 35 black and white prints, format: 40 x 50 cm, including 25 under passe-partout.

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