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Rural Europe

Anne Rearick has been photographing rural life in Europe since 1990. Her fondness for a world far from the hustle and bustle of urban life took her from one village to the next, from the Basque Country to Tuscany and the Abruzze region, by way of Scotland, from Coldstream to Achiltibuie.
“In Scotland, Italy and the Basque Country, I look at the world with curiosity, I meditate as I walk with my camera in my hand. Time passes slowly, the days are long. I notice peaches falling from a tree, the geometric design of a flock of migrating birds, curls of smoke along a path. I have no expectations, no intentions, just a peaceful awareness of the world around me. The birth of a calf or a dance for the elderly, a village fete, a little girl holding a lamb in her arms, the sad look of an unmarried man in the village of Montefegatesi: here, the agonising beauty and the imminence of grief combine. Words cannot describe the generosity of the people I meet. They remind me of what is important: love, truth, respect and beauty. Through my work, I hope to discover things that matter to everyone who is looking for grace and hoping to find man’s ancestral place in his relationship with the earth, time and the seasons”.
Anne Rearick

The exhibition consists of 22 black and white prints, format: 50 x 60 cm, under passe-partout.

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