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From Massachusetts to Kazakhstan, by way of Las Vegas and New England, Anne Rearick has gone into in several amateur boxing clubs to photograph this world which lives in the shadow of spectacular professional boxing bouts. The violence inherent in the world of boxing arouses as much mistrust as it does fascination; and from one extreme to the other, there is a tension which captivated her both emotionally and visually.
And then, looking beyond all the blows and blood, there are the relationships between the boxers and their trainers which are marked by enormous power and a disturbing passion. In a world where, at first glance, we see only unruliness and aggression, Anne Rearick has also managed to catch moments in suspended animation, where there sometimes appears to be a strange calm. Her images reveal the tenderness behind the brutality.
Both in Kazakhstan where boxing, which seems to promise so much, and in a sordid club in Las Vegas where the walls are still soaked with the desperate sweat of failed boxers, Anne Rearick captures all the nuances of the passions driving the world of amateur boxing. This is a world whose story she breaks down into black and white fragments, showing one after another the bodies, the injuries, the weariness, the ambition, the confrontation and the affection.

The exhibition consists of 40 black and white prints, format: 40 x 50 cm.

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