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South Africa

“I found both beauty and combat in modern-day South Africa, but I also found the whole range of human contradictions”.
Ten years after the end of Apartheid, Anne Rearick travelled to South Africa several times. Her work led her to share the everyday lives of its inhabitants, in the schools, churches, hospitals and houses of the townships of Langa and Khayelitsha, in the suburbs of Cape Town.
“South Africa is a land of extremes: extreme beauty, extreme violence, extreme courage and both extreme hope and despair”. Anne Rearick’s images accurately reflect these mixed intensities, without artifice and with great humility. They may show two young girls chatting, tenderly entwined, or the dark funeral of a young woman, or a man crossing the landscape with planks on his back, which he will be using to build a fragile, ephemeral shelter.
The sincerity of these images bears witness to the spirit and courage of beings who are constantly facing poverty, racism and violence.

The exhibition consists of 30 black and white prints, format 40 x 50 cm.Under passe-partout.

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