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Fabrice Picard went to a number of European ports looking for these immense blocks of granite or marble, designed to be fashioned by marble masons for buildings, tombs and other slabs. These blocks take the form of imposing crude cubes, torn out of a deposit overseas. The journeys they make from the quarry to the European ports, stopping off many times along the way to be unloaded and stored, have left a few marks upon them. Traces of violence, of blows, of attacks but also miscellaneous marks of consideration: weighing, writing, etc.
It is precisely the writing down of their journeys which Fabrice Picard passes on to us here. These blocks have their sides covered in scriptural or typographic marks, but also in figurative signs and symbols (animals). These marks come in various forms depending upon the techniques used (chalk, paint applied with a brush, aerosol paint, stencils, etc.) and depending upon the way around that the block is turned (vertical or horizontal writing). These writings are both simplistic and erudite. They are aimed only at a body of specialists who are in the know.
There is a striking mirror effect between these 21st century blocks and the walls of Lascaux. The over- specialisation of modern-day languages comes face-to-face with the first steps taken by writing.

The exhibition consists of 26 colour prints in 40 x 40 cm format.

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