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The Gardens of Lucifer

Spiralling around, scribbling, mysterious interlaced pieces of barbed wire trace and retrace multiple constellations before our spellbound eyes.
Fabrice Picard’s images show that the strategy of infernal incarceration has ended, that the free wind is seeping into the remains of the camps, into the debris of their enclosures, which are now abandoned. His highly graphic snapshots, in a square format, focus each viewer’s eyes, which contemplate the plots of no man’s land where all landmarks seem to have been abolished, where the horizon fails to establish its reassuring marker.
This makes the readings become plural and although the highlight a texture which increases the number of overlaps, the openwork intertwining of an uneasiness fed by memory, they can also trigger other approaches.
The writing down of a libertarian transgression, enigmatic modulations of a thorny sphere of influence, complex cadences of arachnidan compositions which are reminiscent of the pictorial meanderings of an artist like Pollock, teeming with twisted arches invading the weeds to suggest some fanciful bloom...

The exhibition consists of 19 black and white prints, format: 22 x 22 cm, under passe-partout and framed, format: 60 x 60 cm.

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