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At the end of Certainty

From 2002 to 2006 Claude Pauquet went on a series of trips along the coasts of the Atlantic and the English Channel, between Hendaye and Bray- dunes, passing through a place known as Au Bout des Certains, located in the commune of Stella- Plage, in the Pas-de-Calais region.
He took his images as he hugged the coastline, sailing along the coast on land, with the idea of exploring an internal borderline between shores and ocean, natural landscapes and indeterminate spaces. He uses unexpected composition and detailed observation to reveal a shoreline made up of a mixture of disconcerting elements: there is a succession of anonymous sea walls, characterless plots of land, ghost harbours in the common order of banality, occasionally interspersed with a wild construction, punctuated by emaciated terraces or marked out paths, where getting lost would appear to be impossible.
Claude Pauquet asks us to look at this world in colour and indeed colour becomes the very matter of his photography, breaking down into vibrations around a flat tint, in monochrome, giving the sky the chance to establish its tonality, in an affirmation of a frontal approach, in shaded tones, in punctuations.

This exhibition consists of 33 colour prints, format: 60 x 75 cm, mounted on dibzon.
There is a catalogue accompanying the exhibition.

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