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5.16 pm

Olivier Mirguet is a professional photographer and journalist. In just two flashes, he flew into the Maison de la Radio (the French equivalent of Broadcasting House), following the corridors wherever they happened to lead him, taking shots which are amazing - disturbing even. With his Leica, he sees things in colour. These are things which the employees either do not or no longer see, because they are so used to striding around the Maison Ronde (Round House).
It is not the place’s curves, its harmonious shapes, which he goes for mostly but its flaws, its enigmas and the absurdities which are obvious to anyone who knows where to look. Here there is a telephone abandoned in an empty room. Chairs left untidily after a meeting seem to be starting a dance just like broomsticks. On another impersonal white wall we can read the words: “The radio’s dictionary has disappeared. Please take it back to the library”. It can be read in any way. It is up to each of us to imagine or make sense of these multiple gazes, which are not completely humourless. What about the clock at the top of the tower which spits out the hours, minutes and seconds in red? It is rather reminiscent of the clocks which have invaded studios and offices and which are constantly watching us so that we do not miss the programme when it is on air... at least, unless it is the clock itself which is watching us? There are texts to go with the photos laid out alongside one another, like the pages of a book. Vincent Josse

The exhibition consists of 20 framed colour prints in American boxes, format: 40 x 60 cm.

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