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First of all it was my interest in Portugal and Portuguese literature which led me to take photos of this country and its islands, to travel all the way through them. And then I wanted to take things further; to follow in the footsteps of the Portuguese in different places on the planet. I was sure that this would give me a special, fascinating view of the world. This is a world made in our own image; bright and with a culture similar to our own. But it is also a faraway world which takes us on a journey back to a time which is long gone, never to return. So, in this exhibition, images of Portugal and her islands are combined and interwoven with other images, taken in the places which were once her colonies: Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Goa, Timor and Macao.
The prints are accompanied by texts, the words offer a counterpoint to the images, through quotes from a few authors writing in Portuguese, whose work has had a decisive influence on my own: Miguel Torga (indeed the title of the exhibition is taken from a sentence in his diary), Guimarães Rosa, Baltasar Lopes, Mia Couto, Lobo Antunes and Ruy Belo.

2 versions of the exhibition are available: Version 1/ 63 colour prints laminated on aluminium: 44 x 67 cm (34) 67 x 100 cm (17) 100 x 150 cm (12). Version 2/ 45 colour prints: 27 x 40 cm and 40 x 60 cm. There are 8 boards with texts to go with the exhibition: 75 x 150 cm (7) - 25 x 150 cm (1). The exhibition is packaged into 6 crates.

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