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La Lata de membrillo

“La lata de membrillo” alludes to an Andalusian tradition of keeping family photos in a quince jelly pot. “Somewhere hidden away in a corner of his memory there was a quince jelly pot which was to leave an indelible trace upon Navia’s life” underlines Julio Llamazares in a book on the work of the photographer. In this exhibition, a veritable little catalogue of Navia’s obsessions, we find images taken in 1991 in places which, for historical, cultural and sentimental reasons - “I want to go where my ancestors went” – are the major photographic territories covered by his work: Spain obviously, Portugal, the countries where Portuguese is spoken, Morocco, Latin America, etc. And you will also find two more unusual projects, done in New York and Armenia.
“Finally, after so many images, after so many trips around the world, Navia is able to look behind him, to contemplate the work he has done and tell himself that it was all worth it (...) This is why, as his grandmother Ana did with her family photos, he can now look at and show the photos he has taken, whilst still at the same time continuing to fill the quince jelly pot, which is the pot of his own life, and at the end of the day, that of all men”, notes Julio Llamazares.

The exhibition consists of 32 colour prints laminated on aluminium.

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