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Departure landscapes

"They left with, for most precious luggage: in their eyes, the memory of their terrace city, drowned under the radiant sun; and, in their heads, the rustle of the kasbahs, the smell of spices, the scent of jasmine...
They left, in the hope of finding, beyond the adjoining sea, a sky that remained bluer than the one they had just left[...]. Did they find, at the end of this journey, the promising azure they sought on arrival?
The crossing was full of smiles and hopes. What happened to it? It's a whole other story... The one that Bruno Boudjelal tells us is the one of this exodus, of time and memory. Of this crossing which, transplanting the bodies from one shore to another, ended up nimbering the spirits with a veil of absence and oblivion. A story of a makeshift cruise through space and time, leaving only a precious and evanescent memory for any vestige."
Patrick Ehme

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