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Women of Ispahan, ten years later

In 1996, Isabelle Eshraghi made her first “back where it all began” trip to her home town of Ispahan. She photographed the everyday lives of the townswomen, in order to show what she might have become, rather like a mirror. She shared the everyday lives of ten or so women, living in the Iranian way, dressed like them and speaking Persian. Her intention was to get to know them better and to overcome any prejudices. She made no attempt to unveil them, but looking beyond the principle of the invisibility of their bodies, she wanted to see and show “their feminine beings” through their faces and gestures.
10 years on, Isabelle Eshraghi has been back to Ispahan to see these women again and find out what has happened to them. New patterns of behaviour and new methods of consumption may have appeared, but the future is still just as uncertain.
Just as she did ten years earlier, she was able to share these women’s everyday lives, including some very intimate moments. She managed to complete this project by experiencing things from the inside, by taking up a position as a photographer who was not facing them, but with them. She successfully used the camera to mark out the traces of time, to observe their lives ten years on and to see what has changed in Iran through their everyday lives.

The exhibition consists of 16 black and white prints, format: 40 x 50 cm.

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