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Being 20 in Teheran

20, an emblematic age for our western society, an age full of promise. But is the same thing true in other societies? What is the experience of youth like for young people in Bamako, Algiers or Teheran? Caught between the western model to which they are subjected in that they claim it as a symbol of emancipation, and the cultural or religious traditions which muzzle them as they attempt to build their own identities, how do these young people see both their own futures and those of their countries?
In the face of all these adult questions, Isabelle Eshraghi’s photographs are a breath of oxygen. They offer the young people a forum in which they have the freedom to cultivate the legitimate sense of being carefree which they need at this age. However, make no mistake, although the intention might appear somewhat trivial, underneath all these anecdotal airs, it says far more than many speeches, because it is out of the little details of these lives, in these little freedoms mischievously won from censorship like a child’s game flouting parental authority, that a freer and more generous future is being built. There is a generosity flowing naturally from these images where we feel that the photographer is complicit in the small pleasures of these young people who are blossoming forth and looking for a future of their own.

The exhibition consists of 29 black and white baryte prints, under passe-partout, framed, format: 30 x 40 cm.

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