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A Wild Feeling

Wild: that which lives in freedom in its natural state, or which has not been altered by the actions of mankind. Feeling: from the verb “to feel”; a complex emotional state linked to certain perceptions or emotions, but also the smell given off by hunting animals, or the fragment of this smell which remains on the animal’s tracks... and this is also the title Jean-Luc Chapin has chosen for the series of photographs.
He takes an unusual viewpoint, distancing himself from the conventions of landscape photography. He probably feels that the genre has become too well-established by centuries of visual creation, in which the order imposed upon the composition expresses man’s domination of nature. Refuting the perception of an immobile nature where the forces appear to balance one another out into a totally manufactured harmony, he sees it as a secret battleground on which a fight for survival is constantly being played out. His work reports back from this wild world, on the hidden presence of animals, revealed by tracks on the margins of human territory.
Claude d’Anthenaise

The exhibition is made up of 40 black and white prints, format : 40 x 40 cm under Marie-Louise and framed.

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