VU’éducation / Workshop in residency

Finding a personal approach to a locality :
Inner landscapes

By Martin Bogren

From October 3rd to 10th, 2021

How to keep the thread of his approach, of his style, while opening up to an unknown place, to a relative loss of reference points in the wandering? Day after day, by going back and forth between shooting and reading images, the trainees will be led to specify their axis, to deepen a really singular look. The question of the personal reappropriation of a space will allow the trainer to approach the notion of territory in its different perceptions: geographical, social but also imaginary or intimate.

Indeed, for Martin Bogren, our perception of the world is the reflection of an interiority. Memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions define who we are and more or less consciously determine our photography. During this week, you will work from your intuitions to gradually approach your singularity.

Finally, through the elaboration of a slide-show, an exhibition or a notebook, involving specific narrative choices and an original proposal for sound accompaniment (the workshop can be an opportunity to experiment with sound recording), the trainees will be led to specify their intentions in a final format. We will also ask for their ability to present their approach and to interact directly with a local audience during a screening at the end of the workshop.

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