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Photography Workshop
in Cap-Ferret

Michael Ackerman
Photography residency : Finding a personal approach to a locality

From 5 to 11 November 2019
Information & subscriptions

Mathias Nouel
+33(0)1 53 01 85 84


After Richard Dumas in November 2018 and Claudine Doury in March 2019, now it is Michael Ackerman's turn to guide participants through the challenges of a photography residency during a seven-day masterclass in Cap-Ferret (Aquitaine, France).

Conceived as an opportunity to carry out a project in total freedom, a creative residency actually requires great control to produce a convincing series within a given time and space. This workshop will help participants to anticipate such difficulties in an actual scenario.

First we clarify and name each participant’s approach: an in-depth review and critical analysis of participants’ prior photo series will show what is at stake. We will aim to reveal the thematic, formal or methodological tendencies that, once identified, will serve as a basis for the future project. We will experience this first-hand in the exploration part of the workshop. The overall goal is to produce a photographic work in the unique context of Cap Ferret off-season: how, there and then, to keep to the course of one's own approach and style, while remaining open to the unknown and to the relative loss of points of reference as one walks about? Day by day, going back and forth between shooting and interpreting images, trainees will be guided in specifying the thrust of their research, sharpening their view of the location and its inhabitants, experimenting with their explorations of the peninsula by day and night, and thus enriching their description of the area. Michael Ackerman will challenge participants particularly to examine the notion of a mental territory that, from memory to dream, can lead them to unfold new modes of narration.

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Useful information

7 days – 52h
From Tuesday to Sunday : from 10am to 7pm
Monday : from 9am to 12

Instructors : Michael Ackerman
Assistant : Emmanuelle Gabory

Hôtel des pins
23, rue des fauvettes
33950 Cap-Ferret


Full price : 1663€
Concession (under 25yo, unemployed,…) : 1083€

+ 20% VAT in your invoice address is in France

Accommodation costs:

Shared room* - half board : 525€ (75€ /day)
Individual room - half board: 721€ (103€ /day)
* subject to availability

Accommodation fee includes half board (breakfasts and dinners) but not lunches.
5€ to 15€ per lunch should be planned.


Sending this form does not guarantee a place for training.
You will then be contacted to consider your final registration.
After a verification of availability of the training and of quotas, we will get back to you within a fifteen days delay.
A potential telephone call will help you to head towards the best training according to your profile.

Mathias Nouel
T : +33 (0)1 53 01 85 84

Educational information

Professional (or soon-to-be professional) artist-photographers
Artists who make use of photography

Mastering basic techniques of shooting and editing
Having already done personal photography series
Being at ease in English

Finding in a territory means and resources to bring your project to fruition
Detecting how to derive fruitful ways to proceed from your first images shot: learning to delve deeper into a subject
Determining appropriate related elements to incorporate (sound, text,…)
Adapting to the characteristics of a territory to achieve a finalized work

Applying the ability to report on your work to a live audience

Check on the full program here document PDF téléchargeable


About Michael Ackerman

American. Born in 1967 in Tel Aviv. Lives in Warsaw.

Since his first exhibition, in 1999, Michael Ackerman has made his mark by bringing a new, radical and unique approach. His work on Varanasi, entitled "End Time City," breaks away from all sorts of exoticism or any anecdotal attempt at description, to question time and death with a freedom granted by a distance from the panoramic – whose usage he renewed – to squares or rectangles.
In black and white, with permanent risk that led him to explore impossible lighting, he allowed the grainy images to create enigmatic and pregnant visions. Michael Ackerman seeks – and finds – in the world he traverses, reflections of his personal malaise, doubts and anguish. He received the Nadar Award for his book "End Time City" in 1999, and the Infinity Award for Young Photographer by the International Center of Photography in 1998.
In 2009, he won the SCAM Roger Pic Award for his series "Departure, Poland".
His last book "Half Life" has been published in 2010 by Robert Delpire.
In 2014, he collaborated with Vincent Courtois, cellist, and Christian Caujolle, behind the project, in a show called “L'intuition” which proposes a dialogue between photography and music creation. This show was presented, in particular, as part of the festival Banlieues Bleues and for the Rencontres d'Arles 2014.
In 2017, he exhibited his new work "Watermark" at the Leica Gallery in Milan and at the Officine Fotografiche Roma.
In 2019, he presented a revised and enriched version of "Watermark" at the Camera Obscura Gallery, Paris and published his fourth book with “Void”.

General Terms

Limited to a maximum of 12 people.

The pre-enrolment form must be filled online.
It does not guarantee a place for training.

Final enrolment
To complete your enrolment, you have to pay 50% of the total fee, by a postal check OR a bank transfert*, and addressed to the order of : Agence VU’.
* the potential bank fees are in charge of the participant
The payment have to be sent - at the latest - 20 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Cancellation of enrolment

To be 100% reimbursed, the participant needs to notify the agency at the latest 30 days prior to the workshop.
The participant will be reimbursed up to 50% of the advance payment at the latest 15 days prior to the workshop.
After this deadline, no reimbursement will be possible, unless in a case of major problem.

Cancellation of a workshop
Agence VU' reserves the right to cancel a workshop. In case of a cancelation, Agence VU will propose, in agreement with the concerned people, the possibility to take part in another workshop. In case no solution can be found, Agence VU will reimburse the deposit to the participants.

Reproduction and diffusion autorisation
The workshop participant authorizes Agence VU’ to reproduce and distribute:
- Any photographs of him or her taken during the workshop.
- The photographs and that have been chosen in a common agreement with the course leader.

These images will be used as documents in the framework of any communication material to advertise the workshops (on varied aid; internet, paper…). The participant renounce to ask for any compensation if any of her or his images were to be used in the communication of the workshops.



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