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Photography Workshop
in Paris

MP#01: Photographic mentoring of the Fonds Régnier pour la Création in partnership with Agence VU’

From october 2020 to june 2021
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Mathias Nouel
+33(0)1 53 01 85 84


The Fonds Régnier pour la Création is committed to emerging photography and creates, in collaboration with Agence VU’, MP#01. This new program of Photographic Mentoring aims to identify and accompany promising young authors in the development of their artistic practice and professional visibility.

Under the supervision of the VU’ team each selected author will benefit from a personalized and
transdisciplinary program combining project support by photographer-mentors, expert consultations, the
participation in VU’ Education program trainings, professional meetings, collective workshops.

At the end of the 9 months of mentoring the organizers will propose
an event that will present the projects produced by the five selected young photographers to reveal their talent to the general public and to professionals.

Useful information


Marin Driguez

France Dubois

Yanis Kafiz

Léo d’Oriano

Layla Saâd


Judith Amsallem, author and consulting editor

Caroline Bénichou, photo editor, in charge of the Galerie VU’

Samuel Bollendorff, photographer and video director, distributed by Agence VU

Bruno Boudjelal, photographer, curator, member of Agence VU’.

Patrick Codomier, co-director of Agence VU’, in charge of the Media Department

Jean-Robert Dantou, photographer, member of Agence VU’

Claudine Doury, photographer, member of Agence VU’

Thibaut Menoux, Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Nantes

Patricia Morvan, co-director of Agence VU’, in charge of the Cultural Department

Mathias Nouel, photo editor, in charge of VU’ Education

Pascal Philippe, photography consultant

Martine Ravache, writer and photography critic

Monica Santos, curator and set designer

Adrien Selbert, photographe, réalisateur et monteur, membre de l’Agence VU’


Marin Driguez began his photography practice at only 15 years old, during the Nantes social movements of 2014. He continued to cover demonstrations and social struggles in Nantes and then in Paris, before moving to Brussels in 2018 to join the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’image, the 75 to start his training in documentary photography. He then turns his attention to the world of hospitals, documenting the caretakers and patients, the provision of medical and social care, the spirit of cohesion and the lack of resources.

Awarded by the Prix Régnier for Creation 2019, France Dubois has been practicing photography intuitively as a self-taught photographer for 11 years. With her poetic eye and assertive aesthetic, she explores the territories of the intimate at the border of the visible and the invisible.

Self-taught, Yanis Kafiz first developed his sensitivity for visual arts in Algerian associative circles in parallel with his university studies. Upon his arrival in France in 2015, nourished by questions about this crossing and this new departure, he developed and affirmed a photography envisioned as a process of self-expression.

Graduated in 2018 from the Ecole des Gobelins, Léo d’Oriano sees photography as a transversal practice that he nourishes from his interest in social sciences. He proposes a documentary and sensitive approach of contemporary societies, moving away from immediate emotion, to bear witness, in a more subtle way, to the resilience of social groups in the face of the upheavals of their environment, whether ecological, economic, political...

A recent graduate of the Photography section of the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Liège and winner of the Roger de Conynck 2020 prize awarded by the Fondation du Roi Baudoin, Layla Saâd’s photography is more about experience than discourse. With a freedom of styles and techniques, she explores the life of alternative worlds created on the margins of society or in reaction to its standard principles.

General Terms



Cyril Zannettacci
Composer la lumière d’un portrait en situation
Du 12 au 16 mai 2021
Le Bec en l'Air & Agence VU'
Concevoir et réaliser un livre photographique : de l'editing à la pré-maquette
Les 21, 22 & 23 mai 2021
Guillaume Herbaut
Développer un projet documentaire. Préciser son écriture photographique
Du 11 juin au 19 décembre 2021
Martin Bogren
Photography residency, Finding a personal approach to a locality : Inner landscapes
From 3rd to 10st of october, 2021
Claudine Doury
Réaliser un projet photographique à long terme
Du 9 Octobre 2021 au 5 juin 2022
Quentin Bertoux
Mettre en lumière des objets
Du 14 au 17 Octobre 2021


Monica Santos
Approche pratique de la scénographie d’exposition
du 31 mars au 4 avril 2021

Developing a documentary photography project and elucidating your creative style.
Du 13 mars 2021 au 6 février 2022

Franck Ferville
Maîtriser la lumière d'un portrait en situation
Du 18 au 21 fevrier 2021Du 28 au 31 janvier 2021

Bruno Boudjelal & Martine Ravache
Apprendre à voir, prendre position 2/2
De janvier à mai 2021

Claudine DOURY
Réaliser un projet photographique à long terme
Du 24 octobre 2020 au 30 mai 2021

Franck Ferville
Maîtiriser la lumière d'un portrait en situation
Du 15 au 18 octobre 2020

Bruno Boudjelal & Martine Ravache
Apprendre à voir, prendre position 1/2
Du 19 septembre au 13 décembre 2020

Judith Amsallem
Atelier d'écriture pour photographe et artistes visuels
Du 13 septembre au 25 octobre 2020

Pascal Philippe
Formuler sa démarche photographique et concevoir son portfolio
Du 3 septembre au 15 octobre 2020

François Fontaine
Valoriser son travail photographique de l'éditing à la diffusion
Du 28 Août au 13 Septembre

Denis Dailleux
Résidence photographique, trouver une approche personnelle du territoire : portraits et espaces
Du 9 mars au 15 mars 2020

Martina Bacigalupo
Développer un projet Documentaire. Préciser son écriture photographique.
Du 7 mars au 6 décembre 2020

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