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Photography Workshop
in Cap-Ferret (France)

Martin Bogren
Photography residency, Finding a personal approach to a locality : Inner landscapes

From 3rd to 10st of october, 2021
Information & subscriptions

Mathias Nouel
+33(0)1 53 01 85 84


Photographing a territory as part of a residency or a creative grant is an ambition for many photographers. Often perceived as an opportunity to realize a project in complete freedom, the exercise actually requires a great mastery in the way of presenting one’s candidacy, of realizing a relevant proposal in a given space and time, of rendering it during a public mediation. This internship proposes to address these issues in the context of a situation setting: seven days of intensive work led by the photographer Martin Bogren as a training supervisor.

First, it will be a question of clarifying each person’s approach. To do this, we will engage a reading of the trainees previous series and a critical analysis that will allow us to reveal the conscious or unconscious issues at stake. Through editing, we will try to identify thematic which, although they are not necessarily the same as the ones used in the previous series, will be of great interest to the participants. We will experience this immediately in the exploratory part of the internship where it will be a question of realizing a photographic work in the singular context of a given territory and time (Cap Ferret, out of season).

How to keep the thread of his approach, of his style, while opening up to an unknown place, to a relative loss of reference points in the wandering? Day after day, by going back and forth between shooting and reading images, the trainees will be led to specify their axis, to deepen a really singular look. The question of the personal reappropriation of a space will allow the trainer to approach the notion of territory in its different perceptions: geographical, social but also imaginary or intimate.

Indeed, for Martin Bogren, our perception of the world is the reflection of an interiority. Memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions define who we are and more or less consciously determine our photography. During this week, you will work from your intuitions to gradually approach your singularity.

Finally, through the elaboration of a slide-show, an exhibition or a notebook, involving specific narrative choices and an original proposal for sound accompaniment (the workshop can be an opportunity to experiment with sound recording), the trainees will be led to specify their intentions in a final format. We will also ask for their ability to present their approach and to interact di rectly with a local audience during a screening at the end of the workshop.

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Useful information

7 days, 52 hours

Arrival on sunday evening
Workshop from Monday to Saturday 10h to 19h
+ Sunday from 9am to midday

- Trainer : Martin Bogren
- Teaching assistant: Emmanuelle Gabory
Language : English

Hôtel des pins
23, rue des fauvettes
33950 Cap-Ferret

- Training room equipped with a computer, projector and
tables for editing work
- Various workspaces with WIFI
- Projection room for the final restitution

Pedagogical fees :

Full fare : 1 664,00€

Concession (under 25 years old, unemployed,...) : 1 083,33 €

* +20% VAT if your invoice address is in France

Accomodations fees :

The Hotel des pins is reserved for the formation
In shared room + 1/2 board: 525 € (75€ /day)
In single room + 1/2 board: 721 € (103 € /d)

Educational information

- Professional Author-photographers or leading to professionalization
- Artists using photography

- To master the techniques of shooting and retouching.
- To know the basics of the History of photography
- To have already realized personal photographic series
- To be able to determine a pre-project of realization for the formation

Conception of a photographic project :
- Identifying and naming its points of support: favourite themes,
- Defining a relevant pre-project for an unknown or little-known
territory: introspection and investigation
- Knowing how to present your background and a project in an
application file

Project realization :
- To find on a territory the means and resources necessary for the
realization of its project: places, people, objects to be staged...
- Knowing how to identify leads for work or further study when
reading the first shots: learning to problematize one’s approach.
- Learn how to make your project evolve in the face of the reali-
ties of the territory and the time allotted.
- Determine the elements necessary for the constitution of a
coherent whole.

Restitution :
- Constructing a narrative by editing during the realization of a
slide-show or an exhibition.
- Articulate his or her own ideas with those of others within the
framework of a collective projection.
- Exercise the ability to report on personal work in front of an
audience and then engage a dialogue with the audience.

Participants should bring :
- Their camera equipment
- A folder with work tracks, a portfolio and reference images
- A laptop computer


Martin Bogren, photographer

Martin Bogren developed a personal approach to documentary photography in the 1990s, following Swedish musicians and artists he met on stage, in the studio and on tour. His first book «The Cardigans - Been It» published in 1996, at the height of the group’s fame, reveals his work and launches his career. Nevertheless, Martin Bogren’s ambition is to go beyond commissioned work and the boundaries of the musical world: he refocuses on more personal photographic work. Whether it be encounters through travel (Notes, 2008, Italia, 2016), the joy of first discoveries (Ocean, 2008), or the spleen of teenagers (Lowlands, 2011, Tractors boys, 2013, Embraces, 2014): his series reveal an impatient desire to escape boredom, to discover a new world. He approaches his subjects with the distance of a mute witness, a subtle and benevolent observer, and combines through his photographs of a grayish black and white, all in shades of grey, a documentary approach and a sensitive affirmation of his subjective vision. Winner of numerous grants and national prizes in Sweden, his work is regularly exhibited internationally and is part of several prestigious collections - including those of the Forografiska Museet (Stockholm), the Oregon Art Museum (Portland) and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris).

Emmanuelle Gabory, Teaching assistant

Born in Bordeaux in 1966, Emmanuelle Gabory studied political science, law and journalism, and then worked in a variety of professions, from journalist to multimedia entrepreneur, from art dealer to documentary producer. She has also taught the economics of audiovisual production at the University Bordeaux III. She has also led photography workshops for street children in Tangier for four years and worked for various NGOs (IOM, Mohammed VI Foundation for the reinsertion of prisoners, Darna Foundation).

General Terms

Limited to a maximum of 12 people.

The pre-enrolment form must be filled online.
It does not guarantee a place for training.

Final enrolment
To complete your enrolment, you have to pay 50% of the total fee, by a postal check OR a bank transfert*, and addressed to the order of : Agence VU’.
* the potential bank fees are in charge of the participant
The payment have to be sent - at the latest - 20 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Cancellation of enrolment
To be 100% reimbursed, the participant needs to notify the agency at the latest 30 days prior to the workshop.
The participant will be reimbursed up to 50% of the advance payment at the latest 15 days prior to the workshop.
After this deadline, no reimbursement will be possible, unless in a case of major problem.

Cancellation of enrolment
Agence VU' reserves the right to cancel a workshop. In case of a cancelation, Agence VU will propose, in agreement with the concerned people, the possibility to take part in another workshop. In case no solution can be found, Agence VU will reimburse the deposit to the participants.

Reproduction and diffusion autorisation
The workshop participant authorizes Agence VU’ to reproduce and distribute:
- Any photographs of him or her taken during the workshop.
- The photographs and that have been chosen in a common agreement with the course leader.

These images will be used as documents in the framework of any communication material to advertise the workshops (on varied aid; internet, paper…). The participant renounce to ask for any compensation if any of her or his images were to be used in the communication of the workshops.



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