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Nepal : rebuilding Rolpa

In Nepal, when civil war began in 1996, the Rolpa area (middle-west; middle-mountain) was one of the first places to be completely under the Maoist rebels’ control. It is hard to get to this region, where every family has been touched and often dismantled by the conflict. Some joined rebels, others were suspected to be part of them by security forces. Life was just a permanent restlessness, maintained by all kinds of violence from the Maoists and the regular army: kidnappings, murders, disappearance, hard labour in particular on the “Martyrs’ road” (15 days a year for each family, unpaid, and no food), popular courts, taxations, etc… Hundreds of people ran away from their homeland to more safe places or to India or, for the ones who had money, to the Persian Gulf.

With the peace process of April 2006, began the return of displaced people. In May 2009, this very crucial issue forced the Prime Minister and former Maoist rebel Pushpa Kamal Dahal to resign: what happen to thousands soldiers of the Popular Army of Maoist Liberation? waiting for integrating them possibly in the regular army, they live in barracks controlled by the UN and they are bored.

The GTZ program (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit – German cooperation) in Rolpa has vocation to facilitate the reintegration of former soldiers and the return of displaced people. It consists of darning the social fabric and of creating new links within the village community by supporting activities (road, agriculture, water, …). In April 2009, Frédéric Lecloux followed the GTZ teams for ten days in their daily life work with Rolpa area people.

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