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Marthe, Brussels

My grandmother’s apartment in Brussels. A place that once I restless knew and then dried out slowly after my grandfather’s death in 1990, with grandchildren and great-grandchildren growing. With my primary travelling occupation and especially since my emigration to France in 2001, a place which I got far away, where I return today less than once per year.
Soon, however, a need made me sign, and with a sense of urgency: the need to remember that this distance gradually abolished ... In late 2005, I sought and obtained from my grandmother, gone to see a son far from Brussels, her permission to spend two days alone at home, then a morning with when she got back. Three days to measure the place solitude, a life where almost nothing had changed in 15 years. Twenty-four photographs are processed mainly by the magnitude of the hold and the aberration of the absence of the other.

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