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Rosa, a face on the paramilitary violence in Colombia.

On January 19th 2001, in the village of El Copey, around 11pm, a paramilitary group landed. They came to take Don José, a quiet farmer they suspected to have given food and agricultural equipment to a rival group. This one hid his family in the bedroom, but a bullet, shot through the door, ran across his hand and ended in the thigh of his 5-year-old daughter, Rosa.

Colombia has been living with violence for a long time, but the number of victims has never been so high than today. President Uribe prides on hitting strong tricks against FARCS rebels, but he hasn’t reduced the number of victims provoked by paramilitary groups of all sides. A recent report (published on September 23rd) states the links between the political administration and some paramilitary groups, powerful, influent, and well armed.

Rosa Morales, 12 year-old today, is one of the victims of this violence. She escaped to death at the age of 5, but she lost her leg for the rest of her life.

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