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Chinese presence in Lhassa, Tibet

"It is the victory of China : erasing from the Tibetans' minds the view of foreigners as potential witnesses of their drama (eventhough this potential only leads to a few testimonies), and replacing it by a view of them as scatterbrained wallets. In other words, the victory of China was to make Tibetans aware that, not being the way to freedom, the West is the way the money comes from. The victory was also to be able to disappear from the tourist activities, withdraw into its neighborhoods, its offices and barracks, so the old town doesn't look too much like a settlement or a fortified camp, and then encouraging the Tibetans to build themselves a picturesque appearance in front of their destroyed culture, to invest themselves the key positions of tourism, and make themselves tourists pay huge taxes on travels and visits - incomes of which they only get a very small share. The victory of China was also not turning Lhassa into a first class tourist city, but, understanding it was itself demonized by most of the tourists visiting Tibet, to have it done by Tibetans - which is a lot less tiring, less expensive, and more attractive internationally. In short, China succeeded in making young Tibetans proud of perpetuating their own servitude."
Frédéric Lecloux, Lentement vers l’Asie, Glénat, 2006

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