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Shanghai Sacred

Shanghai – the booming Chinese metropolis of 24 million people – is famous for its economic dynamism and architectural daring. At the same time however this international fashion and financial centre is a hub of cultural and religious vitality.

Despite “Religions” being officially restricted to five in China, new religions, alternative spirituali-ties, popular beliefs and practices, as well as unofficial expressions of the same five recognized religions, are all flourishing in the dense urban space. Shanghai Sacred reveals new and old reli-gious practices unfolding side by side for the very first time, based on long-standing roots and fuelled by the limitless inventiveness of both locals and outsiders.

This project was undertaken in collaboration with Professor Benoit Vermander of the Xu-Ricci Dialogue Institute at Fudan University. Washington University Press will publish the book in early 2018 containing 48 photographic plates.

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