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Shuto Orizari, Romani capital

In Macedonia, in the suburb of Skopje, Shuto Orizari has been created on a landfill, when the 1963 earthquake gave an alibi to the Yugoslavian authorities to gather a minority population seen as problematical.

Nowadays, Shutka, the nickname given to Shuto Orizari, is the largest Rom city in the world (with 35 000 inhabitants with 95% of Roms), and the only one which chose to adopt Romani as the official language. The town is now considered as the international Romani capital. There, the Gypsy soul breathes, and the traditions last.

« These streets belong to us. Here, this is our home and we can be who we are, simply and freely… Roms officials delegations from Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia… are coming here to see what is Shutka, and to do the same things in their countries. Sadly, there is no optimistic perspectives going in that way for now. Shutka is unique. Even here in Macedonia, from the moment we leave the town, we become again these « gypsy », these second-class citizen, in the eyes of the other Macedonian citizen and for the Government. Macedonia has to let us integrate economical and political process, otherwise Shutka will stay the beginning of « something » that hasn’t succeed », said to me a Rom journalist from Sutel TV.

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