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The world biggest sperm bank

The world biggest sperm bank is situated in Aarhus, Denmark. Created in 1990 by Ole Schou, a business school student, Cryos International has around 100 liters of sperm, capable of conceiving some 5000 babies.

Located at the fifth floor of a small building, the company has a waiting room, a laboratory and severals « Donorkabiner » which are enclosed spaces with red lights indicating « occupied » and have evocative magazines to stimulate the donors. The frozen sperm samples are sent in 80 countries in the world, including France, to fertility clinics or to private individuals (they represent 80% of the demands).

Who are the donors ? They come from everywhere but measure 68 inches minimum. On the website, we can select the profiles according to specific criteria : way of life, physical features, musical tastes, sound of the voice,... the donor can remain anonymous but many of them would like to get in touch with their offspring some day.

A donor is payed an average of 47 euros by sperm sample. For the buyers, a dose for an insemination can cost up to 500 euros, delivery costs excluded. This price, too high for some people, doesn't dent the success of the danish semen. Several satellites have been created in Denmark along with a branch in the US. The clients are numerous, among them are heterosexual couples having difficulties to infant, homosexual couples trying to get round their country's laws regarding insemination, and more and more single women satisfaying their desire to become mothers.

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