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Haiti, Port au Prince, 5 years after

In January 2015, it will be the five years commemoration of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti and mainly its capital Port-au-Prince. The city remains scarred by the disaster, and the population, thanks to a great courage and a profound sense of survival and adaptation, has learnt to live in a « half-completed » city. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake went on for 35 seconds and caused an unprecedented humanitarian breakdown in the Haitian capital: 220,000 dead + 250,000 wounded + 1,3 million homeless. Hundreds International organizations pledged US$ 11 billion in a humanitarian response for Haiti. The humanitarian aid response should have been a success for a small country like Haiti, but it is not.

According to the figures and testimonies, not even one of the important issues like sanitation, health, security, education, transport, or employment has been improved. For a long time, the Haitians have gotten used to relying only on themselves, managing their lives between the dictatorships, endless corruption, epidemics, etc… However there is an unexpected dynamic in the city because people are longing for a better life, sharing their thoughts between disillusion and hope.

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