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Back to Mali, on the banks of Niger river

South, the greenery. North, the desert. In between runs the Niger river. French photographer Gaël Turine has sailed through Mali, from Djenné to Timbuktu, alongside the banks of Niger river that tends to be a crucial local meeting point.

Since the French intervention in Mali, serenity is coming back into the country. Despite the political troubles, local populations take up again their daily life. Between the southern farming « water world » and the northern Tuareg and Saharan « fire world », ancient links shortly disrupted are restored through trade, fishing and farming.

Nomadic Bozo fishermen , Muslims of Timbuktu, Dogons living down the Bandiagara cliffs,…. The photographer makes us aware of the human, cultural and natural diversity of this huge country.
Enven if the djihadist threat seems to have vanished from Timubuktu and others Northern cities, ethnic problems still remain. Women still undergo socioreligeous constraints that make husbands the only family chief. Elsewhere tourism that sustained Dogons has runned out. The peaceful coexistence between uncountable Sufi Muslim trends and extendingWahhabism is at stake in Mali where so many ethnic communities are living together.

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