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Rio, an inner shore

This work in progress, which started around the end of 2012, explores an urban space conducive to the disorientation of the stranger who discovers it. This loss of reference points is enhanced by the vision of a reality far removed from the imagined representations. The city gives rise to a metaphor of the self, which questions our relation to the world.

Lonely figures, observing something we don’t see, coexist with often empty, open perspectives, in Rio’s center or its immediate surroundings. Space and individual are seen as confronting scales, a silent correspondence in an elaborate lightning which is never too ostentatious. The use of long exposures in the middle of the day, made possible by wide format optics, makes us think about our relation to time and confuses the visual references to reveal them in another way.

The physical territory and the mental perception of the places encountered merge together, and the city gives rise to a metaphor of the self, the place of a utopia where questioning the world around oneself is the same as questioning one’s own identity. Vagueness, emptiness and silence are the features expressing the search for a balance somewhere between the vanishing and the reappearance of an order.

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