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Voodoo - The journey of an african pantheon

To the Fon-speaking people in Benin, Vodun means an invisible, fearsome and mysterious power playing a part in the human society. Rites and ceremonies help the livings to remain in contact with the worlds of ancestors and spirits.Vodun is still widely practised at all levels of society, in cities as in villages. Forms of worship are regular issues in public debates.

From the XVI th century, the european colonialist slavery exported ancient african traditions and beliefs to America

Slaves created their own religion, with the colonialist’s catholic beliefs and iconography in the background. Thus was born Haitian Voodoo religion.
Nowadays, Voodoo religion is everywhere in the Haitian society. The voodoo religious calendar is governed by several pilgrimages , in which thousands of believers take part to honor the Pantheon spirits.

Abroad, and especially in Florida ( United States), Haitian people devote some space to Voodoo religion. However, they have to practice their religion secretly, because Voodoo is illegal and voices of other american churches raise in protest against it. The ceremonies are held in remote houses or in the « Little Haïti » quarter, not to disturb the neighbors or cause police interventions. In Miami or anywhere in Florida, the religious dignitaries reach a compromised between the respect of Voodoo rites and the american laws.

The Haitian people living in Florida keep a strong attachment to their roots, culture and identity through the Voodoo practice. Many young Haitian-American convert to Voodoo in search of an identity.

After the earthquake of january 12th 2010, Voodoo priests and priestess played an important part in giving support to families in mourning. There were many who were not buried in accordance with traditions ( in common grave or under the rubble…). One year after the earthquake, as All Saints’Day approached (november 1st), there will be numerous commemorations.

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