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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Bertrand Desprez

Kutshi is the name given to the traditional Indian wrestling, nowadays going in Pakistan and in Dubai. The photographer Bertrand Desprez went at the heart of the most ancient Akhara of Bombay dated of 1930 in order to meet the players of a threatened sport.

Despite the religious aspect, the practice of kutshi implies a peculiar way of life. The wrestlers have, among other things, to respect the Samkya rule. This rule forbids having intercourse, alcohol consumption and Tabaco consumption and...

Canada Canada
Serie : Rip Hopkins
Serie : Tamara Dean
Interview of Darcy Padilla (ARTE)
Darcy Padilla
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Maia Flore
Dire et écrire ses photographies

Pour le 150ème anniversaire du Canada, Rip Hopkins a réalisé 150 portraits de canadiens. En se mettant en scène, en s'habillant comme eux, le photographe s'’immerge dans la réalité des autres. A sa manière, malicieuse et ludique, Rip Hopkins interroge l'identité. Propriétaire d’une...


Instinctual explores the relationship between humans and the natural world and the role of instinct in our contemporary lives. The sense of upper-world and underworld within these works is representative of consciousness and the subconscious.The absence of clothing and natural setting is designed...


During the 29th edition of VISA pour l’image Festival, ARTE met American photographer Darcy Padilla. Darcy Padilla worked for months in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota), threatened by alcohol and drugs, following the daily life of women of the Sioux Lakota tribe.

Les 6, 7 et 8 Octobre 2017 + le 21 Octobre 2017
Si on affirme parfois qu’une image doit se suffire à elle-même, un photographe peut-il réellement se passer de mots ? Que cela soit pour lui-même (comprendre où il va), pour d’autres (convaincre), parce que son travail exige une contextualisation ou simplement...

Q* Bending Gender
From 2017-04-08 to 2017-09-17
Exhibition : Laerke Posselt
Edit Beijing
Serie : Guy Tillim
Facing Ethiopia’s trees
Serie : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Another side of Iran
Serie : Isabelle Eshraghi

The patriarchy that has been the normality for centuries is dissolving in Northern Europe and other parts of the Western World. Now, 100 years after women in Denmark were given the right to vote, the gender is up for negotiation. At the international fashion weeks transgenders went down the...


Born during a artistic residency, the series Edit Beijing is the conclusion of Guy Tillim's wandering throught Beijing's streets and alleys. With this pictures, the South African photographer captures instants from the daylilife before presenting them as dyptichs or triptychs. The photos are...


Trees in East Africa have the characteristic of being a fully-fledged place, a lively place where every generations meet, sheltered from sunshine, to tell stories, work or cook. That way, they have a central role in the social life of villages. Furthermore, the numerous beliefs and superstitions...


Since the removal of international sanctions against Tehran last year, which marked the Iran return in the world economic system, the country image is being renewed. Encouraged by agreements with several countries such as France, tourism contributes to this change of representation. Despite...

Serie : Darcy Padilla
From 2017-06-03 to 2017-09-30
Exhibition : Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt
Virtual visit of the "Cespedosa" exhibition
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Idaho, True West
Serie : Anne Rearick

“If it were up to me, I would go through that town and destroy every building there. I remember many times dragging my mom out of there. She did not want to leave Whiteclay. We made her, we would fight with her, to get her in the car.” [Olowan Martinez] Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is said...


Il y avait du surréalisme, de l’étrangeté, des pieds de nez parfois grinçants dans les photos du Belge Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt qui nous a quitté en 2015. Ses clichés d’animaux en noir et blanc, pris dans des zoos, ne sont ni misérabilistes ni sentimentaux. Ils traitent de front la...


The exhibition project of the winner of the National Price of Photography 2015, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, goes around the construction of the author’s memory in the form of a pictorial history through his 39 years of photographic production. The exhibition focuses on Cespedosa de Tormes, a small...


The American West has changed immeasurably since Anne Rearick was born, in the sixties, in Boise, Idaho. The increasing population has spread subdivisions and shopping malls accelerating the commodification, tourism and homogenization of the region. Farmland growing onion, sugar beets, alfalfa and...

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